Vermillion Peak from Emery Peak
Looking out to the WSW from Emery Peak's summit at the "Silverton West Group" of summits, of which Vermillion Peak is the
highest, left of center and with a distinctive horizontal snow band, at a distance of 13 miles.; San Juan Mountains, CO.



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C. Wetherill - Sample Photography from Colorado's Wilds

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American Peak from American Basin


16:9 Aspect Ratio

South Lookout Peak, Early Fall Afternoon (APS-H Composite Digital)

Dragon Point at Sunset, Black Canyon of the Gunnison Nat'l Park (Ultra-Wide Angle Composite Digital)

Early Fall Colors Along Walkway at Silver Jack Reservoir (APS-C Digital)

Leaping Girl at Bear Creek Falls Overlook (APS-H Digital)

Indian Paintbrush and Wildhorse Peak (APS-C Digital)

The Rio Grande River at Wagon Wheel Gap (4x5 Color Sheet Film)

Uncompahgre & Wetterhorn Peaks from Windy Point Overlook (APS-H Composite Digital)

Cloud Shadows on Rolling Mountain, from Grizzly Peak (APS-C Digital)

Early Fall Colors, Cimarron River Valley (APS-C Digital)

Double Rainbow, Black Canyon of the Gunnison Nat'l Park (APS-C Digital)

Wetterhorn Peak from Redcliff (APS-C Composite Digital)


21:9 Aspect Ratio

Sneffels Range NW Corner Panorama (APS-C Composite Digital)

Spanish Peaks & Culebra / Sangre de Cristo Range Vista (4x5 Color Sheet Film)

Potosi Peak & Teakettle from Imogene Basin (APS-C Composite Digital)

Abstract Aspen, Slumgullion Creek (APS-H Composite Digital)

Vista S from Blackwall Mountain's S ridge (APS-C Composite Digital)

Mount Wilson massif, from Grizzly Peak (APS-C Composite Digital)


3:2 Aspect Ratio

Full Moonrise E of Montrose (APS-C Digital)

Dawn Clouds & Perseus (APS-C Digital)

Stormscape at Sunset; South Park (35mm Kodachrome)

Sun Sculpted Snowfield above Red Mountain Pass (APS-C Digital)

Looking S-SW from high on Mount Sneffels (35mm Kodachrome)

Western Sunset; Montrose (APS-C Digital)

Lichened Bedrock and Forest (APS-C Digital)

Solitude & Snowshoe Tracks at 12,000 feet under Gilpin Peak (APS-C Digital)


7:5 Aspect Ratio

Late Summer Storm beyond Wetterhorn Peak (APS-C Digital)


Misc. Other Aspect Ratios

Budding Aspen, Cimarron River valley (4x5 Color Sheet Film)

Deep Forest Aspen, Rio Grande River valley (35mm Kodachrome)

Aspen & False Lupine Forest; Cuchara Pass (4x5 Color Sheet Film)

Deep Forest Lichen Covered Boulder; Mount Sneffels Wilderness (4x5 Color Sheet Film)

Winter Sunset; Monarch Pass (4x5 Color Sheet Film)

West Summit Ridge of UN 13,722 ("Animas Forks Peak") (35mm Kodachrome)

Vista Looking S from Stony Pass; San Juan Mountains (4x5 Color Sheet Film)

Aspen at Base of Lichened Boulders & Cliffs; Puma Hills (4x5 Color Sheet Film)




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