Vista Looking S from Stony Pass; San Juan Mountains, CO.


Vista Looking S from Stony Pass





This crop of the original 4x5 slide has an arbitrary aspect ratio of 1.465. It was taken a little ways down on the E side from the actual top of Stony Pass. There's a spot where there's just enough of a "shoulder" to pull off and set up a camera on a tripod without impeding traffic. The view right at the pass is much more restrictive, but from there (where there's better parking) as an alternative it's worth taking the time to hike NE across the tundra a short distance without climbing very much to get a comparable view from higher up on the slope above the road. This was taken near the peak of the melt season the last week of June, so the pass had only been open that year for a week or ten days, if I recall correctly.
GPS location: 37° 47 2/3'N, 107° 32¾'W; 12,525 feet altitude.

The main peak on the left (E) is White Dome (6¼ mi), while the very top of the Wham Ridge on Vestal Peak (it's N face) pokes up on the right. Right of center you can make out the three summits of the Trinity Peaks, so much of the scene beyond the expanse of tundra, which represents the headwaters of the Rio Grande River, encompasses the E part of the Grenadier Range.

A mild telephoto lens (210 mm) was used, so a small amount of polarizing filter was also used to slightly reduce the intervening haze and increase the color saturation of the distant peaks and sky. The slightly cold rendition is true to the lighting of the original; the snow nearby in the foreground is very near a neutral white; actually it's slightly warmer than neutral.

The native resolution of the original digital file is very high (66 MP). This 500 KP version for electronic display represents a reduction in area of 136x.


Digital zoom
 of central area
A 415 KP 1:1 extract of 2½% of the image area from near its center, showing the level of detail visible in the original.
Note the large cairn with the flag sticking out of it, marking the Colorado and Continental Divide Trails, on the knoll
in the lower right corner. A second is visible closer to the camera in the full frame. Windom Peak is 12 1/6 miles away.


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