Budding Aspen, Cimarron River valley; San Juan Mountains, CO.


Budding Aspen, Cimarron River valley





This is one of my favorite pictures made in the Cimarron River valley. Shooting into the sun with snow in the foreground hopefully conveys the feeling of stark brilliance one gets in early May, when Spring at this altitude has a hard time keeping up with the sun's movement higher into the sky.
GPS location: 38° 14 2/3'N, 107° 32.3'W; 8900 feet altitude. (guesstimated)

This photo has a 1.261 aspect ratio, typical of full frame 4x5 after allowance for the film holder border of a ~1/8" on all sides, which makes for something like a 19:15 (1.267) "native" aspect ratio in practice rather than 5:4 exactly.

The native resolution of the original digital file is very high (40+ MP). This 500+ KP version for electronic display represents a reduction in area of ~80x.


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