Abstract Aspen, Slumgullion Creek; San Juan Mountains, CO.


Abstract Aspen, Slumgullion Creek





This was taken along a stretch of Highway 149 a little above where it crosses the Slumgullion Slide. There was virtually no shoulder, and barely a tiny pull-out nearby to park in, but it did have an open view of the aspen forests nearby and out in the distance.
GPS location: 37°59.4'N, 107°15'W; 10,400 feet altitude.

This photo was the result of one of the few times where I'd seen another photographer's work that I liked and went out with the idea of trying to take the same kind of photo, as an experiment. Unfortunately I can't recall his name to give credit. When I tried to go back to the website where I'd seen a small collection of his abstract aspen photos it was gone.

Being composed of four frames stitched seamlessly together, the native resolution of the original digital file is very high (42½ MP). This 525 KP version for electronic display represents a reduction in area of 83x. In print form, an enlargement to as much as a wall sized 24" x 56" would not compromise the fine detail any.

This composition can also work in something closer to a 16:9 aspect ratio, pretty much by covering up the left fifth or quarter of the frame until what's left to the right seems about right. When I've tried doing this a couple of times the aspect ratio typically comes out close to 15:8.


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