Deep Forest Aspen; Rio Grande River valley, CO.


Deep Forest Aspen, Rio Grande River valley





This photo has an aspect ratio of 1.454. It was taken somewhere along the trail, which is not on the topo map, to Lost Lakes. Perhaps inquire at the "summer home group" of cabins above the Rio Grande Reservoir, for parking permission and info on the whereabouts of the trailhead, which may be known locally as the trail to the waterfall (a little ways up the trail).
GPS location: 37° 45¾'N, 107° 19.9'W; 10,400 feet altitude. (guesstimate)

The native resolution of the original digital file is high (9¾ MP). This 500+ KP version for electronic display represents a reduction in area of ~20x. This was handheld in dim light using slow film, so there is a slight loss of fine definition, partly due to the slight breeze moving some of the foilage during the relatively long exposure time.


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