West Summit Ridge of UN 13,722 ("Animas Forks Peak"); San Juan Mountains, CO.


West Summit Ridge of UN 13,722





UN 13,722 is the principal scenery looking WNW-NNW from Cinnamon Pass.

It makes a nice little climb from Animas Forks, which you might be able to get a car with a little clearance to, with care. Hike up the Cinnamon Pass road to 11,900-12,000 feet and veer left (W) up tundra slopes to the SSW ridge, which is maybe easy Third Class in one spot. High on the ridge there's a stone shelter. At the top of the ridge skirt the 13,704 ft W summit on its S side (where the picture was taken) and notice the change in rock color a little below the summit. The view of the Grenadier Range and the Needles to the S is spectacular. You can descend the E ridge to a drainage at 12,600-12,700 ft which you follow S and eventually reach the jeep road a little above where you left it.
GPS location: 37° 56½+'N, 107° 33½'W; 13,620 feet altitude.

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