"And beauty will go savage in the secret mountains..." - Robinson Jeffers

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Colorado Summits: Route Descriptions

Disclaimer - the following accounts merely describe what I experienced when I was there and should probably not be used as your sole source of information on climbing any of these mountains, should you attempt to do so.

All the material indexed here is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced for commercial purposes, except with written permission. It would be nice if non-commercial users would remember to include a citation.

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The Jeffers verse is from "The Broken Balance" in The Double Axe.

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Be sure to write with your crucial questions more than just a couple of hours before you're planning on leaving for the trailhead! You'd be surprised what percentage of mail like that I get... sometimes it's upwards of a week between visits to my inbox, so I can only rarely provide such semi-realtime advice.

Especially write me if you've done, or might like to team up to do, some of the Centennials. I'd eventually like to work up to things like Teakettle, Mt Wilson, the Crestones, etc. Two of my dream trips at this point consist of 1) going back in to the Needles to do Jagged; 2) taking Little Bear by the direct route on the NW face -- followed, of course, by the Little Bear - Blanca Ridge. (Ok, so it's not the Ellingwood Arete, but it's some tough climbing none-the-less...) I'd also like to hear from you if do any of these summits by the same route I followed.

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